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Exec Pet Transportation will recommend the best choice for your pet travel needs. We will help you coordinate your pet move around flight schedules, moving schedules, kennels, pet sitters, etc. We will make suggestions and provide you with some options you may not have thought of. After 13 years we have lots of information to share with you. We want your pet move will be the easier part of your relocation. We also discuss your pets needs and again will recommend travel options and suggestions so we all are comfortable.

Private Ground Pet Transport


Our Executive service is a 2-man driving team direct through with only your pets on board. We update clients in a group text with pictures and updates at every fuel stop informing you of how our pet is traveling and how many miles we are to drop off. A picture is worth a thousand words. You are welcome to use the space in our vans for your pet items as well. (beds, bowls, toys, food, etc.) These teams will get there in hours and they drive 24/7 tag teaming across the US. No vet certificates are needed for personal pet moves. There is no exposure to other animals.

Exec Pet Transportation

Select Semi-Private Pet Transport


Our shared ride is a 2-man driving team direct through, sharing part of the trip or all of the trip with ONE other clients’ pet or pets. This option could add some time to the trip however we keep it streamlined. Pictures and updates at every fuel stop. Vet certificates and or shot records are required as you will be traveling with another persons pet.


EXPRESS Private Pet Transportation Long Distance
This is where we really shine. Our driving teams travel across the United States in hours not days. (yes hours) Each transport travels with a two person team of dedicated driver/caretakers with the goal of keeping your dog safe and happy until we reach our destination. Our transport driver/caretakers are experienced and professionally trained in animal handling of all temperaments and breeds. When it comes to your pets, we go above and beyond to ensure our staff is up to date on all pet care, health and handling protocols. We specialize in moving individual dogs, cats or multiple pets families by ground across the United States in hours. Whatever your pet needs are, we are here to serve you better.

Items we provide for your trip:

We supply everything for the trip, except the food.  We come right to your front door. We can also pick up from pet sitters, family members, kennels, etc.

 We provide open air crates sized, sanitized and set up for your pets comfort.

Direct drive through, nonstop to your destination in hours not days. We do not stop at  restaurants or hotel while your pet is on board.

At each fuel stop (4 to 5 hrs) all pets are walked, fresh water topped off, crates checked and cleaned if needed, given food it is is time and or a treat your provide. We will take a picture and send you a text update as we travel to you know how and where your pet is in the route.

You will have their direct contact numbers as well so you can speak to them at any time

You are welcome to send  pet supplies, beds, bowls, toys, etc.  If it is a private ride and we have room you are also welcome to send a few personal items as well.

No sedation required or recommend

No vet certificates are needed for your personal pet family,however we do need current shot records.  (breeders need to send current health certificate and shot records)

We do not discriminate any breed, all are welcome. 

Dog Crate Open air for Exec Pet Transportation

Pets With Special Needs - Extra Loving Care To ensure the most comfortable travel accommodations, we offer crate free travel for your pet if they need it. Pets with special needs can be hand lifted in and out of our transports. Deaf and/or blind pets will have hands on for comfort and security. We take our time and gently handle our older pets and whatever they need we are going to do our very best to provide it.

Personal Pet Escort In Flight -  Have one of our professional pet handlers/caregivers fly with your pet "in cabin" with your sweet little baby to you. There are limitations for this service. Your pet has to be under 10 lbs for airline to accept "in cabin" pets. Call our office today for details. 678-975-2518

Contact our pet transportation company in Monroe, Georgia, to request a quote for pet travel.