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Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping Dogs

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and general questions about "how to ship a dog" and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please e-mail us or feel free to contact our office directly at 678-975-2518.

CRATES. "A pet not in a crate is like a kid not in a car seat" 

Our teams do a wonderful job at driving but we are on the road with so many road conditions to consider:  If we have to zig-zag to avoid an accident, hit the break,  a deer hits us, start siding on snow,  a crate free dog is going to be flung around in the back of a transport.  Many time dogs will jump in the front to be with a human, again this could cause a accident.  It is dangerous to our drivers and dangerous to your pet.  We furnish and crate all dogs unless there is a medical reason or the dog is too large and we have alternate ways of securing your pet. 

1. How does Exec Pet Transportation move my dog?

What to expect when we move your pet. Your Exec Pet Transportation team will arrive in a clean luxury minivan specifically set up for your pet move.  All transports are draped with sanitized linens, open air crates specifically sized for your pets, bottled water secured water cups that will not tip over, and extra clean towels etc. We will meet you at the door of your home, introduce themselves to your pet and escort your pet their luxury private ride.  It is important that your pet feel comfortable with our teams.  We will then load up, all pet items are welcome, and begin our trip.  Your driving team will keep you posted as to the progress of the trip as they travel via text messaging and pictures.  Our transports stop every 4 hours to refuel and to take your pet for a short pet break, then we are back in the transports and on the road again.  Our driving teams are highly trained military men that have the endurance and skills to keep this schedule up 24 hours, nonstop.  We will be at the designated drop off location in no time.  Trips from NY to CA can be done is less that 2 days. 

Long distance nonstop pet relocation is where we shine.  Call today for more information and a FREE QUOTE 678-975-2518.

2. I have a 3 dogs and am moving to New York, can you take all them together?

Absolutely. Exec Pet Transportation is a private service that is tailored to your special needs. Your 2 man driving team will come to your door to pick up your pet family. It just doesn't get much easier than that. We will provide all open air crates, bottled water, clean bedding and you are welcome to send all pet items with us as well. Our transport are private moving only one pet family at a time, so its all yours. No vet certificates are needed as your sweet pet family will not be exposed to any other pets as they travel nonstop to you. Moving your pet family together reduces the stress for your pets. They find comfort in seeing each other and usually enjoy the ride. Your driving team will give will never leave their side and they will be reunited with you in no time.

3. My dog is blind, can you accommodate her?

Yes. I myself have a blind dog and they do need a little extra when handling and moving them out of their comfort zone. I usually suggest you send a shirt and some of their toys with them as they travel. Familiar smells of home helps them feel more relaxed and that they will be back with you soon. Many times our drivers/caregivers will keep a hand close to them so they can feel the touch of confidence knowing they are not alone. Our trips are quick as we travel nonstop, so that reunites them back with you in to no time. The best stress reducer I know is putting them safely back in your arms.

4. How do you ship a dog?

Besides the mass amount of details involved with this task, the big question is how to I find a dog shipping method that is safe and I trust.  Trust is the biggest factor when you decide to hand over your most beloved family member over to a stranger. The best way is to simply call your pet transportation company and speak with them.  Trust your instincts. You will be able to tell if they know their stuff and are organized or not.  Knowing the details also helps you make an informed decision and can test the transportation company to see if they know theirs.

 Safe pet delivery is your primary concern when moving your dog. Knowing how to ship a dog properly entails being familiar with the processes before, during and after the trip. Preparations will depend on how far you have to go, where you are going, what condition your dog is in, whether you are traveling with the dog or having it shipped separately and who else is traveling with you.

Getting ready for the trip: Check out the shortest routes, stopovers, regulations, pet friendly hotels, documentation and restrictions before you ship a dog. Prepare all the documents you need. Adequate preparation is the best way to ensure safe pet delivery.Have your dog undergo a check up.Vet certificates are good up to 10 days of travel, so don't get one too early from when your planning to travel or you will have to go get another one. Talk to your vet about travel risks when you ship a dog. Discuss medication and the things to watch out for during the trip.Familiarize your pet with the crate. If you're going to ship a dog in a crate, get it used to how it feels a couple of weeks ahead of time.

While you travel: When taking your dog with you in a car, put it in the back seat with proper restraints. Make sure you have enough food, water, medicines and clean up material. When using a professional pet transport company, see to it that your dog is comfortably shipped and that you can communicate with the driver at all times.If the dog is flying with you "in cabin", make sure it is accustomed to sitting for long periods in a small crate. Airlines have a 10 lb or under weight requirement for pet to be able to travel in cabin with you. Don't forget to put a collar and ID tag or microchip on your dog.

Arriving at your destination: Have all your documents ready so you can clear your dog out of Customs quickly. Prior checking to determine the best days of the week for Customs clearance will help.

Home at Last: Give your dog enough time to rest after the trip. Be extra patient with your dog as it gets accustomed to its new surroundings.

One of the best things you can do to ensure safe pet delivery when you ship a dog is to use a professional service like Exec Pet Transportation. You'll rest easy knowing that your beloved pet is in comfort and safe. Exec Pet Transportation is a first class luxury ride for your pet with all the amenities that come with it. Your dog will travel stress free, relaxed and will be reunited with you within hours not days.  This is a nonstop first class service.  Call today for a FREE QUOTE!

5. I have 2 dogs and a cat, can they all ride together with Exec Pet Transportation?

Yes they can. The great thing about being hiring a private pet transport is that they have the flexibility to accommodate your needs with less restrictions. The transport will only have your pet family in it and they will not be exposed to any other pets. This makes it very comfortable for your pets as they all know each other well and no vet certificates are needed. We will supply everything, unless you want to send your own as long as it fits. Our open air crates strategically places in or luxury climate controlled minivans will allow for good air circulation and perfect visibility for your pets to see each other. They think they are own a great adventure together.

Let's also take in consideration that great couch buddies do not always make great travel buddies. Your cat will be in his own private crate with disposable litter box and a water cup that is secured on the side so they can't spill it, then draped 1/2 way with a towel barrier. This gives the kitty a sense of security as they think they are hidden, but can still see the other members of your pet family. Usually dogs will be in their own space, but lay next to each other as well until we reach our destination. It warms my heart when we deliver a pet family and can report and nice easy stress free ride for our pet travelers. We even send pictures of the stop breaks so you can enjoy your pets great adventure and show your friends.

6. What do I do to prepare my dog for riding in a car?

If you don't often take your pet in the car, start with short trips to "fun" destinations (such as a park or play area) to help your pet get used to riding in a car.If your pet gets car sick, talk to your veterinarian about alternate traveling suggestions or medications to keep them comfortable. Shipping a dog on a long distance ride can be a good experience if you help prepare them for the trip. Don't feed them at least 4 hours before travel. Send a chew bone for anxiety. This can make their road trip a lot more enjoyable and stress free.

7. My dog is shy and becomes anxious with new people, how do you warm up to your clients pets?

OK, I am going to tell you a trade secret. Beggin' strips. Yep, I have never met a dog that didn't like bacon. I know it's not the most fancy way to warm up to a dog, but something about the hand that feeds them. Dogs and pets trust the hand that feeds them. It is their source of life. Exec Pet Transportation takes a little extra time to bond with your pet and you. We are in no rush. Dogs can tell when they meet a "dog person" or not. There is an old saying that if your dog doesn't like someone, back up. We don't expect every pet to come up to us wagging their tail, but when we drop them off they will be. Taking time to get down on their level, to extend that loving comforting hand goes a long way with a dog. Remember these are your babies and we respect them and treat them like family. Ship a dog in loving hands, in a private first class nonstop luxury transport.

8. I Have a dog that just had surgery and we are moving what can I do?

My dog just had knee surgery and we have to move soon. I am really worried that about shipping my dog. I need some good advice. Well once your vet has given the OK for your dog to travel find a good private pet transportation company to move your pet. Depending on the needs of your pet, they will be able to tailor the trip just right for your pet. Exec Pet Transportation does a really good job at this. Over sized crates will allow the pet to have a big soft bed in the crate for comfort and will keep him somewhat confined but in a comfortable spot. The driver/caregivers will actually lift your pet up and place them gently down for the pet breaks, keeping him walking, easy, and quiet. Its important that the driving team understands the needs of the pet and follows the vet orders to the letter. Your pet has been through a lot, make the move gently and stress free. Call Exec Pet Transportation today 678-975-2518.

9. How long will it take to get my pets to their new home?

Hours. We are one of the few pet transportation companies in the United States that offer a private, nonstop, straight through direct trip for pets. Our drivers/caregivers make the trip from New York to Florida in less than 24 hours. (depending on what city in Florida) Our Snow Bird clients enjoy us picking their pets up in the evening, then they catch a flight the next morning and we usually get to Florida by the time they land. It's the perfect arrangement for vacations. You can send your pets off early then have time to yourself to get ready and both arrive about the same time. We also are more than happy to take the extra bag if you want and if room allows. Remember, this is your private transport. It is our pleasure to be able to offer this service.

10. I need to ship my dog "NOW" how much lead time do you need?

There can always be a circumstance that time is not on your side and your need to ship your dog immediately. We can handle this. We have teams of drivers and most of the time I can scramble one up for whatever the occasion calls for. This can be expensive, but not totally unreasonable. We have come in when there was a death in the family and the dog had to be relocated immediately, whatever the situation, we are there. Since we do not require the vet certificate there is nothing you have to do to prepare, just give us a call. Again, our goal is to provide the highest quality of pet travel available. Each trip is tailored made for your pet family.

11. I am not in a rush am I am planning my move, how much lead time do you need?

To ship a dog with us there is very little you have to do to prepare, but there is a lot that we do. Usually clients book a month in advance for our service. This will give us the opportunity to offer the best possible pricing. It also gives you a choice on pick up times. We can pick up in the morning or the evening which ever is best for you once you have secure your trip on our schedule.

12. How do I know I can trust a total stranger with my dog?

You don't. It's a gamble. You can research, ask for credentials, recommendations etc.and this will help the weeding our process, but you are just going to have to go with your gut.  Our pets are like members of our family.  You know the ones that pee on the floor and we really don't even get that mad.  They are our hearts, our comfort, our best friend, our source of unconditional love.  They are our most tender of feelings exposed and the ones we will remember all our lives.  It starts with our childhood pet, the one that we still have a problem looking at the pictures without tears, to our newest puppy, that brings us endless joy and frustration at the same time.  They protect us when we are scared and their world revolves around us.  They trust us out without questions or logic.  Even when we make mistakes they will roll over exposing their most venerable side. As we go through our lives we become so attached to the sweetest member of our family, our pet. 

So now what on earth can anyone say to you, that you would trust them with your most cherished family member?  I will say this to you.  Call them.  Talk to your transportation company on the phone.  Talk to them, see if they know what they are doing, do they have a plan, blast them with questions and see what they say.  That is the only thing that will ease your mind.

At Exec Pet Transportation all trips are handled by one person. Sunny is our fearless leader and personally tailors all trips to each client.  We are NOT a bulk carrier or massive pet transportation company. We are a small elite private pet transport service that specializes in the best possible pet travel in the United States.  All drivers are hand picked and most come from a military background. Our service is all about the pet. All the new drivers are trained in our procedures and standards to provide the highest quality of care for our clients and their pet family.    We have no problem earning your trust.

13. Is my pet relocation expenses tax deductible?

Your pet relocation expenses may be tax deductible!  IRS Publication # 521 ("Moving Expenses") states that pet moving is a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and moving is for purposes of change of employment. Consult your tax advisor for further information.

Download the IRS form as a PDF: IRS Publication # 521.  Call Exec Pet Transportation today for information about dog moving and puppy shipping or cat moving and kitten shipping, by ground within the lower 48 United States.

14. I think I have fallen for a "puppy scam", what are the signs?

That cute puppy in the photo on the legitimate-looking website is almost too cute to be real. Often, he isn't.  Shipping a dog is almost always handled direct and not through third parties.  So be careful and don't get scammed.  If they send you and e-mail and the shipper is a common address like yahoo or then more than likely it is not the real deal.  Most dog shippers have a website and ends with a dot com address. 

One scam promises you a free puppy—as long as you pay the shipping. Once the scammers get your "shipping" costs, the scammer says your puppy is stuck at the airport due to customs complications, and you are asked to send more money. Finally, the scammer (and the puppy who never existed in the first place) disappear. In many cases, victims think their dog is at the airport waiting for them after they've sent two or three money orders.

Some requirements the scammer may ask of you are: Send some more money, you have to purchase or rent a crate, send some more money for the license (no such thing), some money for the permit (what permit), send more money we need to reserve the air travel and the list goes on.  You would think by now everyone knows not to send anything Western Union regarding a puppy, but for some, when they see that sweet tiny $900.00 dog Listed for FREE just pay shipping, they think "well it could be true".  You get what you pay for in the puppy world.  Those sweet popular breeds never go for free.

Some fraudulent e-mail scammers prey upon the kindheartedness of dog lovers who want to offer homes to puppies and their parents.  English bulldogs and Yorkshire terriers are two of the breeds most often mentioned in puppy money order scams, perhaps because they are such popular and expensive breeds. Buying an animal online is always a bad idea. The first rule whenever someone thinks of buying a pet is to visit where that animal was born and see how the parents are living."

15. I am going to travel with my puppy, what shots do I need?

Your new puppy just received a shot schedule and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all those abbreviations and technical terms. What are the different puppy vaccines and which ones are necessary for your puppy's health? Which shots do I need to travel with my puppy?

The DHLPP vaccine is actually a combination shot that is given several times at two week intervals to protect your puppy from viruses. It includes protectionagainst canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, canine para influenza and parvovirus. This combination vaccine has to fight against the antibodies that the mother dog passed on to your puppy to get established. Because of this, the vaccine needs the booster series to allow it to really protect your puppy from this group of nasty viruses.

The Bordetella vaccine protects your dog from kennel cough. This is an annoying, infectious cough that can spread quickly among un-vaccinated dogs. While it is easily treatable, dogs can die from complications related to the virus, so it makes sense to get the shot, even if you don't plan to kennel your dog. A visit to the pet store can bring the virus home on your shoes.

The Rabies vaccine is given at about twelve weeks and then is given a year later to provide three year protection. The Lyme vaccine is optional but is a good idea for areas with a heavy Lyme disease infection rate.

When you travel with your puppy you will need all the shots for his protection.  Most pet transportation situations require a current vet certificate within 10 days of travel.  You will need to put his rabies tag on his collar and your information as well, just in case.

If you choose to pick a private ground door to door pet transportation service, they will most likely not require all of this.  These transports are private and never expose your puppy to any other dogs or pets and bring them directly to you. 

16. Newfoundland Dogs - One of Exec Pet Transportation wonderful pet travelers

The Newfoundland is a working dog. Newfoundlands can be black, brown, black, and white (Land seer), or the exceedingly rare gray. They were originally bred and used as a working dog for fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland (which is now part of Canada).[1][2] They are known for their giant size, tremendous strength, calm dispositions, and loyalty. Newfoundland dogs excel at water rescue/lifesaving because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet, and innate swimming abilities.[3]

These gentle giants are our VIP pet travelers for Exec Pet Transportation.