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Beware of people using variations of our name.  We TALK to our clients

 Never pay with a cash app.  We only contract directly with the pet owners.

  You must talk to Sunny direct and have a signed contract to be one of our clients.

  Please do not fall for the scamers that are mirroring  shippers names, texting and emailing. 

Pet Transportation Service
Get Your Pet There in Hours, Not Days




White Glove, Private Nonstop Luxury Ground Door to Door Pet Transportation Service

(SERVING THE LOWER 48 United States)

 Picking a pet transportation service and entrusting people that you have never even seen with your pet is hard to do.  We are working hard to earn your trust and offer an very personalize experience for yourself and your pets. We are a USDA Class T Carrier and have been in business as of 2022 , 11 years.   Our driving teams are hand picked, our trip coordinators have GPS tracking on all transports and we actually talk to the teams and clients to make sure we are all informed as your pet travels with us.   If you have a pet that needs a little extra attention we can provide a little extra TLC for pets with special needs such as; blindness, anxiety, challenges with mobility, loss of hearing etc. As your pet's caregiver, we take pride in offering the most personal and professional transportation services available.  

Ground Door to Door Services we offer:   

NONSTOP: PRIVATE- FAST: Our Executive service. Direct drive through, 2-man driving team, your pets only. Pictures and updates at every fuel stop informing you of how our pet is traveling and how many miles we are to drop off. You are welcome to use the space in our vans for  pet items as well. (beds, bowls, toys, food, etc.)  These teams will get there in hours and they drive 24/7 tag teaming across the US.  We send picture updates at every fuel stop as we let them out for potty breaks and to stretch. A picture is worth a thousand words.   Once we get back on the road your team will send you updates via text as to  miles to destination and how you pet is traveling.  No vet certificates are needed.

ONE STOP: SELECT SEMI-PRIVATE - FAST: Direct drive through, 2-man driving team, sharing part of the trip or all of the trip with ONE other clients’ pet. This option could add some time to the trip however we keep it streamlined.  Pictures and updates at every fuel stop.

ECONOMY - SEVERAL STOPS: MULTI-PET: In times where everything is so expensive and gas is off the chart this might be an good option if you have just one pet.  This service has only one lead driver will drive 10 + hrs daily then stop.  Pets will be cared for and kept clean and comfy.  This option could take a few days to reach the destination. Vet certificates will be required within 10 days of pickup. Pick ups will require a window (example June 1-7 tbd)  Complete flexible pick up and drop off dates and times. These trips are discounted for this reason. We literally act like a little school bus dropping off and picking up.  GPS tracking is in all the vans and we will keep you updated as we travel as well.

FREE TRIP COORDINATOR SERVICES:  Exec Pet Transportation will recommend the best choice for your pet travel needs.  We will help you coordinate your pet move around flight schedules, moving schedules, kennels, pet sitters,  etc.   We will make suggestions and provide you with some options you may not have thought of.  After 11 years we have lots of information to share so your pet move will be the easier part of your relocation.  We also discuss your pets needs and again will recommend travel options and suggestions so we all are comfortable. 

FREE TRIP GUARANTEE: We contract directly with our clients, not a third party.  We guarantee the delivery of all pets.  You can rest assured that your pets are in the hands of professional who truly cares and love what they do. We specialize in long distance, door to door, nonstop private pet travel. We also offer a few other options but always provide you with a safe and reliable pet transportation alternative, that delivers your pet to your front door in hours, not days.  

Our Professional Pet Transportation Teams:  COMMUNICATION IS KEY

The drivers at Exec Pet Transportation our teams possess right attitude and  superior navigation and road skills needed for our long distance non-stop trips and a gentle hand to comfort our pet travelers. These clean cut, trusted men and women follow orders, arrive on time and have the skills and discipline to successfully complete our most complicated moves. Being consistent is the key for the happiness and comfort of both our pet travelers and clients.

All of our staff members are skilled with all breeds of dogs, cats and have a heart of gold. Our staff have regular clients that request them each time they move. Confident, knowledgeable, experienced, kind, loving, and professional are just a few of the words that our clients consistently use to describe our service. It is our goal to provide the highest quality of care for your pets while they are in our care. We are always improving or service and techniques to insure your pet has the best possible travel experience and up are comfortable as well.  We TALK to our clients and teams.  In a world of automation, we still like that personal touch with a voice.

About Us

Exec Pet Transportation, is a first-class, white glove, nonstop, USDA CERTIFIED  class T Carrier,  private ground door to door, express pet transportation company that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We have been in business since 2011. We specialize in long distance non-stop pet travel. Our driving teams do not stop at restaurants or hotels and drive 24/7. We make the trip in hours not days. Our service is extremely personal, handling each move with utmost care, paying attention to every detail. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable pet travel services for your most beloved member of the family, your pet. Each transport is configured to fit your pet or pet family's special needs down to the last detail. Out fearless leader, Sunny,   has over 11 years in the transport business and over 40 years experience with horses, dogs, cats, birds and small domestic animals and farm animals.  As owner of Boot and Bucket ranch she starts everyday tending to animals needs and care and most of all providing them with a quality of life.   We are a tight group of animal lovers active and retired military, experience pet transporters, that love what we do.  Extremely organized she plans the most complex moves with pets, moving companies, airlines schedules etc., timing arrivals down to the smallest detail making sure your pet move is as stress free as possible for you and your beloved pet.

Mission Statement and Employment Opportunities

Our mission is to create the most trusted reliable pet transportation alternative on the market today. We are dedicated to the comfort, happiness, health, and safety of your most beloved member of your family. As we grow it is our goal to continue to educate and publish accurate updated pet travel information, services and products while continuing to provide the best pet travel experience for you and your beloved pet. We are always looking for exceptional teams. Feel free to contact Sunny at the address below for details.

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