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EXEC PET TRANSPORTATION  is a nonstop private luxury transport service dedicated to providing the best pet travel experience for your beloved pet and peace of mind for you

PRIVATE PET TRAVEL:  It means no other animals are in our cars while we move your pet family nonstop across the United States. This express service means we will reach our destination within hours, not days. Your pet will ride in our climate controlled luxury SUV or minivan with two skilled drivers that will never leave their side. Each transport is equipped with cell phones (Verizon and ATT service) and the most updated GPS systems available. Open air crates are provided (unless otherwise specified) for your pets safety during travel. This is a straight drive through service with no stops except for convenience/fuel breaks every four hours for your pet. Bottled water, approved treats, and clean bedding is provided to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being. It is our goal to provide the best possible care, comfort and as little stress as possible for your pet until you are both reunited. The driving team will send you updates via text messaging and pictures as they travel to keep you updated as to the progress of the trip so you can plan your day. Private pet travel also ensures that your pet is at no risk of contracting transmittable illnesses, kennel cough, H3N8, etc.

LONG DISTANCE NONSTOP SERVICE: This is where we shine. Ground door to door nonstop express first class service that will get your pet across the United States in hours not days. Our average trip from New York to California takes about 45 hrs.Our pricing is based on driver availability. We do not charge per pet, the private transport is yours. We travel within the Lower 48 States only and do not cross any boarders. All pet items are welcome. All trips have a minimum charge of $800.00.

SNOW BIRDS GO SOUTH: These private express transports travel nonstop, door-to-door up and down the east coast weekly. New York to Florida and any stop in between in less than 24 hours. Call our office to book 678-975-2518 You are welcome to send all pet items with us for your convenience.

PETS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Our private express service is tailored to your pets needs. If you have a pet that is blind, elderly or physically challenged we will be happy to accommodate your sweet pet. We will lift dogs into our van, keep a warm hand on their head and stay close as we comfort your pet while in route. We strive to provide that confidence with your pet while they are away from you. We will keep you updated with pictures and text messages as well so you can stay connected to your driving team. Transport your pet with confidence with our military driving teams.

LARGE PET FAMILIES:  One pick up location to one drop off location.  8 pet minumum call our offce for pricing.  Same nonstop service, 2 man driving team.

For a FREE QUOTE fill out and submit the form below to describe your project or specific needs. You will receive a confirmation after submitting the form. Feel Free to call our office direct to speak with a pet transportation specialists. 678-975-2518 or e-mail us direct at info@execpettransportation.com.

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